Charles Shaw: The Best Selling Trader Joe’s Wine

Two-Buck ChuckTrader Joe’s is the neighborhood grocery store, where you can buy most anything you need. The store carries a wide range of foods from all over the world. Trader Joe’s is where you can buy your everyday essentials, but its unusual, reasonable finds are what make the store so popular. From Italian Truffle Cheese to speculoos cookie spread, from gluten free granola, to pound plus chocolate bars, Trader Joe’s has a variety of unique, fun foods.

The foods may be great, but for wine lovers, the store is a dream come true. Offering wines at some of the greatest values available, Trader Joe’s is home to a wide variety of wines whether it be a Californian or an import from around the world.

When I turned twenty-one, I wanted to write a blog about Trader Joe’s wines. I wanted to taste a different bottle of wine every day for a year. However, I realized that many people would consider me…

1. Crazy

2. A Drunk

3. An unfocused college student

However, the method behind my idea was that…

1. I will learn about wines quite quickly.

2. I will be able to recommend a good wine.

3. I could really impress some people with my wine expertise at such a young age.


4. there is no blog about Trader Joe’s wines, and it could be a great resource for shoppers like me.

A year later, I decided to begin this blog. However, I will not be drinking a bottle a day, I will be drinking a bottle a week. As much as I would love to pour myself a glass each night, in reality, as a college student, I pour myself some coffee most nights to be sure I can stay up to do work and meet my deadlines.

So, what is the first bottle that I chose to feature in my Trader Joe’s Wine blog? Well, I could not choose just one. It is like choosing the third Harry Potter book and not reading any of the other ones.

The wine that Trader Joe’s is most famous for, is the legendary “Two-Buck Chuck”. Better known as Charles Shaw, the wine gets its nickname because of its unbelievable low price of $1.99 [prices may vary on the East Coast].

There are seven varieties of Charles Shaw to choose from: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, White Zinfandel, Shiraz, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon. At one point in the year, there are two other wines also available; I want to say the Viogner and Nouveau?

The two-dollar bottle is definitely not what I consider worth drinking, but I will definitely use it for cooking! Every time I shop at Trader Joe’s, and I must say that I am in there at least four times a week, I see several shoppers with at least one case of the wine in their shopping carts.

Most stores have the cases of all the varieties available in store. Just ask a Trader Joe crewmember for any help finding it.

I will not go into detail about what these wines taste like, because I am not about to recommend anyone drink them. But, Charles Shaw is still wine, it still has a high alcohol content, and it is still the best-selling Trader Joe wine, and for fun, why not have a Two-Buck Chuck tasting with some friends?

Next week, we will get more detailed on a specific bottle of wine. Red or white? Domestic or imported? You will have to check back next week for my wine review.


4 thoughts on “Charles Shaw: The Best Selling Trader Joe’s Wine

    • Unfortunately Trader Joe’s does not sell products online. My best advice to you is to actually make the trip, buy double what you think you should buy and not have to repeat that the drive for a while. Where are you located?

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